What is EduBoard?

EduBoard is a data-driven app that makes digital learning easy for students. It can help teachers identify students needing support with their learning and when targeted intervention is required. It does this by collecting data on student engagement with digital learning platforms and content to produce a score. Targeted analysis provides a visual representation of the data to link student engagement and performance. As a result a teacher can identify low-performing, at-risk students much earlier on, taking appropriate measures to improve learning outcomes and impact. EduBoard uses existing school and college data systems to extract and transforms data into a form readily accessible by both the student, parent and the teacher.

EduBoard is for Students

EduBoard delivers an immersive digital learning experience for students underpinned by learning analytics. EduBoard shortens the distance between the various systems and learning resources students engage with, delivering a focused digital learning window to drive up student outcomes and teaching impact.

Partnered with GCSEPod – a leading education publisher – bitsize pods can be accessed through streams on their EduBoard or mobile app.

EduBoard is for Teachers

Our teachers have been patient enough for us to release EduBoard for Students. Their own version of the app will be released Easter 2017.
Stay tuned and get in touch to join our beta program.

Learning Analytics

Understanding your academic attainment

Taking control of your progress and attainment through the changes ahead with Progress 8 can be demystified. Working with teachers we’ve provided a quick way to help students visually understand their targets and predicted grades. This is helping students take ownership and manage their learning so they can understand when they are not on track.

Monitoring your attendance and behavior

These are important measures that have a significant effect on learning outcomes and progress.
Help students and parents gain insight and stay on top of these key measures to improve their learning outcomes.

Watch your rewards grow

Merits, enrichments, and praise can support learners with engagement with school and their performance.
Bringing together all this valuable data from various systems will enable your students to share their achievements with friends and family.

What benefits do Students gain?

Streams for Digital learning

Working online and providing deep learning experiences with additional digital content is proven to improve student outcomes. Partnered with GCSEPod students get their playlists delivered to them associated to their assignments and learning objectives. We’ve shortened the distance between various learning resources so student have everything in one place. No more multiple logins and passwords to remember. Students simply use their EduBoard to get on with their learning.

Online assessment Diary & Digital Timetable

Schools are not short of a system or two and paper timetables never survive a term! Now schools can update their MIS and students will be informed of any changes the day without wasting form or tutor time. Assignments from various systems can also be brought together and managed in one place with ease. No more excuses is all we say…

Stay on top of your progress

With one click a student will have access to their progress data. Helping students take ownership and be responsible of their learning has been the driver behind this powerful dashboard. Students can track their progress across areas like attendance, academic attainment, behaviour and rewards. Parents have access to this and can support both the school and students achieve more. Helping schools deliver parents evening with greater insight and meaning is what our parents have asked for.


Bringing all students assignments together in one place to help and support a student keep track. Teachers can now set assignments for formative and summative assessments using an array of systems or through OneNote Classroom Notebook or GCSEPod. These assignments will appear on their app in a simple way to manage them buy subject and due date. Couldn’t be easier!

Latest Updates

Keeping your students connected to latest updates within the school, your community and subject areas has never been easier. Forget email as our 21st century students are a social network ready native. Keep your students actively involved and allow for collaborative learning.

Quick links & SSO

It’s our one-stop-shop for helping students keep track of all their system and making it easier to just log on. From the side bar all the relevant learning tools and links can be accessed allowing students to sign into areas like Microsoft Classroom, Office 365, GCSEPod and many more.

What about teachers?

Greater student feedback

Assignments can now be digitally setup and marked. Feedback is needed and can be delivered with ease using Classroom Notebook.

Learning Analytics

Making sense of all the data through the EduBoard data store has allowed us to underpin it with great insight into learning analytics. Great insight is a click away helping class teachers, subject leads, heads of years and senior leaders make informed decisions by accessing live data in the way they need it.

Smart Intervention

With insight comes action, turning data and information. Now teachers can spot trends early and act on them. With ease teachers have access to insights that previously had to be requested from the data manager, a report had to be produced that was outdated even before it was produced as it took a week to get. We’ve turned this scenario on its head empowering the teacher to have access to this information on their own terms.

Are Parents included?

Be part of their journey

A valued school community needs parents to be part of the learner’s journey. We understand that insight to complex school and progress data can often be confusing. Demystifying it for students has also helped parents understand the new grade boundaries and what their children need to be doing to achieve and grow.

Help Monitor their progress

As a parent you’ll have full access to their progress data. Cutting down the hours wait for a 5 min discussion on attendance data, having more meaningful insight to your child’s progress strengthens your engagement with the school and its teaching staff.

See them achieve more

With ease you can look back on their previous year’s achievements and compare how they’re doing now. No more dusty reports and making sense of it all. We’ve brought levels to grades based on our schools grade boundaries. As parents you can focus on their learning journey so they can achieve and grow.

Access EduBoard anywhere

Making it easier for students to engage in learning from home and any device has been our mission. EduBoard will work on their tablets, phones and pc’s at home or at school. Using their school email that can be Office 365 or Google mail the student can log on to their EduBoard. All the security is taken care of behind the scenes by integrating with your schools MIS.

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How does EduBoard work?

A cloud data store is created per school and linked to their Office 365 tenancy in a secure way. Data from your school MIS ,along with other data systems is stored in your schools EduBoard data store. This store provides EduBoard with the data that is needed for it to function. It also provides key learning analytics data making it easy for teachers and data managers to build deeper insights and scenarios.

An automated sync service to support schools to on-board and keep your Microsoft Classroom up to date. EduSync will keep your school MIS updates synchronised with Office 365 and Azure Active Directory on a daily basis.

EduBoard integrates with Office 365 Education and Microsoft Classroom through EduSync, this allows it to work seamlessly so that teachers can set up classes and assignments with the correct students always included. Any changes to student, teacher or classes that occur on your MIS will automatically be setup and updated in Microsoft Classroom.

Better Together

Mobile app will be available after BETT 2017




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